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The mission of the Worship Arts team at FBCZ is to bring glory to God while leading and accompanying our church community in Biblical, God-centered, and engaging expressions of worship and praise. And while we highly value excellence (which we define as passion meeting precision), our first and foremost desire is to become people who live lives of worship everyday.


All expressions of worship are based upon the truth of who God is as He has revealed in His Word.

II Timothy 3.16,

Colossians 3.16, John 4.24


Biblical worship is possible because of the work of Christ. All of life is to be lived for God and for his fame and renown.


Deuteronomy 6.4-5, 

Isaiah 26.8,

Colossians 1.15-23


Spirit-led - Biblical worship is accomplished through the power of the Holy Spirit guiding God's people into truth.


John 4.24; 14.26


Engaging/Celebratory - Biblical worship evokes a response engaging one's entire life. Our ministry aims to encourage God's people to join their voices to God's praise and glory. 


Romans 12.1-2; 15.5-6

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