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Because God is an intimate, relational God who loves us and wants us to live a life of certainty and confidence, we believe he has provided objective points of reference for us to plant our faith upon.

We believe that the Bible is more than a useful guidebook with a bunch of helpful advice.  It is true, complete, and trustworthy in all areas. 

We believe in the Trinity and in the unique work of each of its Members. 

We believe that Satan exists and stands in opposition to God and to those who follow Him. 

We believe that God created the world and everything in it. 

We believe that when God created man, He created him without sin, but man decided he wanted to control his own life, and the result was sin. 

We believe that each individual has a choice.  He can try to “make it” on his own, or he can acknowledge that he is in a perpetual cycle of restless striving and failure and that he needs Jesus to break that cycle and save him.  We believe that the first choice leads to hell after death, but the second choice leads to eternal closeness with Jesus. 

We believe that Jesus will come back to remove His children from the world before God begins a period of judgment called the Tribulation.  We believe the church is universal, including everyone, regardless of nationality, who loves and trusts Jesus. 

And finally, we believe that believer's baptism and the Lord’s Supper are deeply meaningful symbols that remind us of God’s work.

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