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Jesus calls us to be witnesses to Him in our community, region, and to the end of the earth (Acts 1:8)

We partner with local organizations and with missionaries around the world in order to help us in this task. 

Classified, church planting and leadership development in Russia with the Association of Baptists for World Evangelism

Clint and Heather Echols, ministering to coaches and athletes in the Charlestown, South Carolina area with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Classified, expediting business as mission in North Africa.

Dale and Jill Stewart, providing leadership for the Westlands Bible Mission and Clark Canyon Bible Camp in Montana.

Billy and Erika Tjernlund, serving native Alaskans through discipleship and aviation with Pioneers.

Classified, evangelism and discipleship in North Africa.

Classified, laying foundations for Gospel-centered movements among Islamic peoples.

Classified, church planting among a Muslim people group in the southern Philippines.

Classified, evangelizing a tribal people group in Mexico.

Classified, providing a platform for western churches to partner with indigenous teams in Southeast Asia.

The Holland Rescue Mission, serving the homeless in the Holland and Zeeland area.

Keys for Kids Ministries, ministering to kids and their families.

The Lakeshore Pregnancy Center, loving people to life.

Kevin and Jennifer Viening, directing an elementary school ministry in Zeeland.

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