May 16, 2021 – Pastor Jeremy

True Freedom is Found in Christ

Galatians 4:8-31; 5:1



Preschool/Nursery care is offered for families participating in 11:00 am classes.  We are also in need of nursery volunteers.  Please reach out to Marcy VanEvery or Diana Overkamp if you are interested in serving. 


Bible Study and Prayer meeting are held each Wednesday. The current study is the book of Matthew.


This year Graduation Sunday will be on Sunday, May 23rd.  If you are a high school graduate or a college graduate, please contact Pastor Cameron at so that we may recognize your accomplishments that day.


Come early (9:15 am) and share bagels and fruit with the graduates prior to the service. 



SKLD Nursing Facility and Riley’s Grove Assisted Living in Zeeland have each invited our church to provide worship services for their residents periodically.  Elders Keith Day and Ron McIntyre are willing to oversee this ministry, but are seeking others to assist with the music and other aspects of the services.  If you would be interested in serving the Lord in this way, please contact Ron or Keith at or



                 Jazylnn Viening

    Today (May 16) in the FBCZ gym

                   2:00 – 5:00 pm


During the Sunday morning service today, a congregational vote is scheduled on three recommendations from the Elders:

  1. The Elders have received applications for membership from Jon and Brandi Dyke.  They each profess faith in Jesus Christ, have publically proclaimed this faith through believers’ baptism, and give evidence of conversion through the conduct of their lives.  The Elders recommend that the Congregation receive Jon and Brandi into the membership of our church.

  2. For more than a year, Ryan Pusztai and Rob Tanis have been training as Timothy Deacons.  They have each conducted a study of the role of Deacons in the New Testament and have participated with the Deacons in serving the practical needs of this congregation.  The Elders now recommend that the congregation confirm these men as Deacons.  The Biblical qualifications for Deacons are listed in 1 Timothy 3:8-13.

  3. The Elders recommend that the church use up to $160,000 from the Ministry Development Fund (the money received from the sale of the Quincy Street property) to replace the main HVAC controller, boiler #1, and the flat roof. 


In some sections of the auditorium, signs closing rows have been removed.  This is to allow people who are comfortable sitting nearer other people to do so.  In other sections of the auditorium, every other row remains closed off to allow for physical distancing.  Please choose a section based upon what you consider to be best for you, your family, and the people around you.


Each month our church prints a collection of letters from our missionaries.  These letters help our congregation pray for the missionaries in an informed manner.  These packets of letter are available by the mission display in the narthex, and for your convenience, they can also be delivered directly to your First File.  If you would like the monthly missionary letters delivered directly to your First File, please contact the church office.



May 18 – Elders Meeting

May 23 – Graduation Sunday

                  Montana Vision Trip Meeting

May 31 – Church Office Closed



We would like to pray for your specific needs.  Please call the church office (772.4377) or email




    Keith & Terri Rascher

Missionary Children

     Emma, Micah, Anna, Julia, Isaiah, & Joshua Braun

Elders, Deacons, Staff

     Paul Bush, Deacon

Homebound Worshiper

    Norma DeJonge

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